“I hope it could have any use for you”

Hello there!

I present you a set of definitions I hope it could have any use for you. If yes, please tell me in a comment in what way it could have helped you.

Otherwise, I invite you to constructively criticize these definitions, explaining your view points and giving examples for arguments.  The purpose is the improvement of them for the use of the greatest number, if it can be.

Warning: even if I refer to L. Ron Hubbard in the last definition, these definition are NOT  “Scientology”; these are just my own “up to date” realizations in life that I wanted to share with you. (Don’t hesitate to share them with people you Love if you think it could help them 😉 )

Infinite Love, Felicity, Harmony And Fun!


PS: Select “Menu” on the top left to check the different topics.

PPS: I often use the neutral pronouns suggested by several for philosophical reasons (“hu” for “he/she”, “hus” for “her/his”,  “hum” for “her/him”, etc.),  respect to not make any discrimination between male and female beings especially when spirits are concerned.

4 thoughts on ““I hope it could have any use for you”

    • Hi! And Welcome, anacruiz10 🙂

      Thanks for your proposal but I’m not english tongue and it takes already very much time to try to care and update my blog and other engagements I have already, to care for the promoting and accumulating of links system you propose me; and could be, I rather prefer my blog goes more naturally if it can.

      Infinite Love Hapiness Harmony Varitety Prosperity Aesthetic And Fun For Ever And For Now!

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